Top Tips for Beating Dental Phobia

Posted by Dr. Paul Esteso Feb 28, 2023

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Dental fear is a phobia that is characterized by extreme anxiety and nervousness when a patient has to visit the dentist. Dental fear is the most common type of phobia among adults. Fear of dental tools, pain, or drill sounds is common among people with dental phobia.

Discuss your Fears With The Dentist

Discussing your fear and anxiety with your dentist is the first step towards easing it. Dentists understand that patients feel apprehensive about dental procedures and are more than willing to help you in managing this fear. Ask your dental care provider about the use of IV sedation or oral medication that can help you relax during the procedure. If your fears have an underlying cause, such as a previous bad experience, then discuss it with your dentist to understand better and find ways to help you overcome it. Sharing your worries with your dentist can also help him or her to understand your condition and come up with a treatment plan that will help you overcome your fear. It will also be easier for you to follow through when your dentist understands your concerns. If the thought of going to a dentist’s office makes you anxious, then practice relaxation techniques at home to help calm you down before you head for the appointment. 

Practice Relaxation Techniques And Bring Distractions

Recite positive affirmations in your mind and focus on breathing gently to relax you completely. You can also listen to soothing music, meditation tracks, or other sounds that put you at ease as you get ready for the visit. If your dentist allows it, you can bring a small toy or book to read while you wait for your procedure. You can also bring your headphones and listen to your favorite music while you get treatment. Since you will be in the clinic for a while, having something to do will keep you from worrying about the time.

Take A Friend Or Family Member With You

You can bring someone along with you for moral support. Bringing someone, you trust to your dental appointment can help ease your stress. An extra pair of ears can help you fully listen and understand your dentist’s instructions. Plus, there is always the reassurance of having a friend nearby if something goes wrong. You can always reschedule your appointment if you are unable to make it.

Ask for Sedation

Don’t forget to ask about sedatives! Many dentists offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation to help you stay relaxed and calm throughout your visit. Talk to your dentist if this is something you are interested in trying. Studies have found that patients who use sedation have less anxiety about their dental visits in the future.

Not all dental procedures require anesthesia. You might be able to get through an exam and cleaning without any oral medications at all. If your teeth are sensitive, your dentist may offer you numbing gel after cleaning your teeth so you can feel more comfortable during your next visit. These tips will help make each of your dental appointments less unpleasant so you can enjoy better oral health in the long run.

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