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2 Hours (6-8 Veneers)

A veneer is a layer of porcelain placed over a tooth either to improve the aesthetics of the smile or to protect the tooth's natural surface from damage. A veneer can close gaps between the teeth, align the smile when minor rotations in the teeth would otherwise require orthodontic treatment (braces), the teeth are discolored, or the size and or shape are of unusual proportions.

Generic Dental Implant Study Analysis Cr


30-45 Minutes

An implant is a titanium tooth root that is placed in the bone to replace a tooth lost or missing. When the exam is completed and you have been cleared to receive the implant, Dr. Esteso will select the best implant for the case, will numb the area and proceed to place the implant. In some instances, the final tooth restoration can be placed the same day. In other cases, it is recommended that the implant is allowed to strengthen before the final tooth is placed. 


2 Hours

Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing the nerve inside a tooth that has been contaminated with bacteria and the infection is or will be causing extreme pain and further destruction of the tooth. Removal of the infection results in saving a tooth that otherwise would need to be extracted.  It is recommended after a root canal the placement of a crown to prevent the possibility of fracture of the weakened more brittle tooth.



1.5 Hours

Whitening is a dental procedure that can be achieved by different methods depending on the patient’s needs. The fastest method is by having an in-office whitening procedure that usually takes about an hour and a half. The results are seen after the procedure is done but the teeth continue to brighten for several days.

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30 Min - 1Hours Depenending on complexity

There are some times when teeth cannot be saved and the tooth must be extracted to prevent pain and further damage to surrounding areas. The tooth is gently moved from side to side to allow the surrounding tissues to expand allowing for a smooth removal of the damaged tooth. Most patients can choose from a variety of options to replace the lost tooth if so desired. This will ensure maintaining a stable oral environment preventing teeth from shifting into the space left behind after the extraction.

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1 Hour

When teeth are lost, dentures provide a low cost alternative to regaining function, health and esthetics. There are many different types of dentures and to know what the best options are for your case, Dr. Esteso will thoroughly explain each one of them and with you, decide which one is best for you.

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20 Minutes - 1 Hour depending on complexity

A filling is a way to restore back to health, function and esthetics, a tooth damaged by decay or that has a failing restoration. Dr. Esteso will start by removing the tooth structure damaged by bacteria and any filling material previously placed, followed by thoroughly disinfecting the healthy tooth surface.

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1.5Hours-2 Hours

A bridge, also known as a fixed appliance, is made to replace one or more missing teeth that are surrounded by strong teeth on either side. Bridges can be supported by natural teeth, by implants, or on rare cases by a combination of both. A traditional bridge has crowns on either side and one or more teeth in between to fill the empty space. 

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30 Minutes

During your scheduled dental visit, we will perform a thorough exam that evaluates all the tissues of the mouth, including the soft tissues (palate, gums, cheeks, tongue and lips among others) for any sign of diseases that may reflect in the mouth even though they may be originating in other areas of the body. We also evaluate for abnormalities that may indicate the presence of diseases that includes oral cancer. We will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your gums to ensure you do not have periodontal disease, and if found we will treat and recommend at home care designed to restore you to health.