Spectacular Smiles

Why Choose Us?

  • Personalized Care : As no smiles are alike, our dentists at Spectacular Smiles Dental in Frisco, Texas, work carefully with you to develop a treatment plan that is unique, just like you.
  • Skilled Team : Our team is best at what we do. We place the greatest emphasis on our patients and have you covered for everything — whether it be a simple cleaning or complete mouth restoration.
  • Advanced Technology : We are devoted to using the most up-to-date and effective tools, procedures, and materials to improve your dental health, function, and look.

Meet Your Doctor

In our accessible and relaxing clinic in Frisco, Texas, you will be treated by Dr. Esteso, a competent and caring dentist who believes in providing his patients with the highest standards of dental treatment.

Dr. Esteso is a highly-experienced and trained dentist who has dedicated his professional life to helping patients regain their smiles. As a staunch believer in never-ending professional and personal development, he continuously takes courses to improve his skills and help patients receive the best predicted clinical outcome.

He has attended and collaborated with some of the industry’s most well-known institutes, such as “The Pankey institute,” “Surgical Master,” “The Dawson Academy,” “Gordon Christensen,” and many more.

Spectacular Smiles
Spectacular Smiles

We Love Our Patients

Located in Frisco, Texas, Spectacular Smiles Dental offers a clean, friendly, and professional environment.

Our dentists at the clinic pay attention to our patients, provide high-quality care, and ensure that every patient feels valued, regardless of their dental status.

Have An Enjoyable Dental Experience With Us

We Don't Judge

We’ve got you covered if you want to enhance your smile for social or business reasons or to prepare for important occasions like your engagement party. So, step into our clinic and leave your dental anxiety behind.

We Offer Full Spectrum Dental Services

At our clinic in Frisco, Texas, we provide a full spectrum of dental services, from veneers to implants to bridges. Our dentists are experts in making you feel comfortable while going through every dental procedure.

We Provide Free Consultations

At Spectacular Smiles Dental, receiving quality orthodontic care is easier than ever because of our warm, comfortable environment and knowledgeable, patient-centered staff.

Contact our team of expert dentists today to schedule your free consultation!

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