Dental Bridges in Frisco, TX

Dental Bridges in Frisco, TX

The bridge comprises an artificial tooth, a pontic, and two dental crowns secured to the natural teeth or dental implants adjacent to the space left by the missing tooth. The crowns fit over the healthy teeth and anchor the bridge in place. At Spectacular Smiles, the bridge is custom-crafted in a dental laboratory using high-quality materials to ensure the most realistic and durable results. A dental bridge is a good option if you are missing a tooth or more in a row. 

The Procedure for Dental Bridges

To prepare for a bridge, the Dentist in Frisco, TX  will first need to prepare the adjacent teeth by filing down the enamel to make room for a crown to be placed over them. An impression will then be taken of the prepared teeth and sent to the dental lab, where the bridge will be custom-made for the affected tooth or teeth. The dentist may place a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth and gums until the new one is ready. When the new bridge is ready, the temporary one will be removed, and the new one will be checked for fit and comfort before being cemented. A dental bridge can be used to replace one or two missing teeth in a row. They can also be used to restore one or more consecutive teeth after tooth loss due to trauma, decay, or tooth extraction. Since they are fixed, they do not require using any removable appliances, such as a partial denture or a complete denture. They are also less invasive than dental implants since the supporting teeth need not be altered to accommodate them.


The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can last ten years or more when properly made and maintained. Bridges are a good option for patients who have lost a tooth to an accident or illness because it is essential to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid shifting adjacent teeth and damage to the jawbone. They are also a good choice when several teeth are missing. A bridge does not require installing surgery, and most patients are comfortable with the procedure. However, patients will need to practice excellent oral hygiene habits at home to ensure the longevity of their restoration. This includes flossing daily and brushing twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Patients should also attend their routine checkups and cleanings every six months to ensure the health and longevity of their bridge.


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